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The corrosive element in corrosive ammo is the primer, which produces a form of salt. To clean you need a cleaner solvent that contains water which will dissolve and flush the salt out.
Since nothing is cheaper than hot water, and nothing works better, just use hot water.

Note that almost no lubricant or modern bore solvent will dissolve salt so you have to use water or something that contains water.
Ammonia has NO effect on corrosive ammo salts, and the only reason ammonia will work is because commercial ammonia is mostly water.
Windex with Ammonia D contains no ammonia. Ammonia D is a form of alcohol.

A good test to determine whether a product will clean corrosive ammo residue is to put some in a small glass and add a little table salt.
If the salt dissolves and disappears into solution, it's good. If the salt just lays there it's no good for cleaning.
Note that removing the corrosive residue is JUST a preliminary step to cleaning, and after corrosive residue removal you still have to clean the rifle as normal.

To clean, run hot water down the bore and chamber using a funnel. You can also use water soaked patches and a cleaning rod.
Flush out the gas tube by using some tubing fitted over the end of the gas tube inside the receiver and a small funnel to put water through the gas tube.
Since the gas tube is stainless steel and is self cleaning with standard ammo, you may not need to flush the tube. If you do, you MUST dry it thoroughly with compressed air or by warming the tube with a hair dryer.
DO NOT put any pipe cleaners, solvents, or anything else in the tube.
Flush off the bolt and bolt carrier, and wipe out the inside of the receiver with a damp cloth.
When flushing the bore, don't forget to get the muzzle brake.

After flushing the parts above with water, dry with air or by warming with a hair dryer.

With the corrosive residue off, clean as normal with bore solvent.
Use bore solvent an if necessary a bronze brush to clean the bore.
Use a GI-type chamber brush to scrub the chamber and clean the locking lugs.

Clean the carbon off the bolt and out of the bolt carrier.
You can use chemical or mechanical cleaners for this.
Chemical cleaners are carbon removal liquids like Slip 2000 Carbon Killer.
You simply soak the parts for 15 minutes then brush.

For mechanical cleaning of carbon deposits you use special scraper tools. One of the best that does it all is the C.A.T. 4 tool as sold by Brownell's and other retailers.
This is used to scrape the carbon out of the bolt carrier, off the bolt tail, and to clean the firing pin.
Use a worn bore brush to clean the inside of the gas key on the bolt carrier.

Once everything is clean and dry, lubricate with your favorite lubricant.
One that's very popular for the AR is CLP Breakfree.

To clean your AR, buy a ONE PIECE stainless steel or carbon fiber cleaning rod.
DO NOT use aluminum, brass, or any type of screw-together rod.

You can buy really nice AR carry bags from companies like Eagle.
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