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Personally I don’t carry a single action revolver for SD but would in a second. I carry N frame S&W’s and a my Ruger Blackhawk is smaller.
What is needed is proficiency. Being an SASS member I can shoot 6 rounds more accurately than any of my N frames shooting double action. And just about as fast.
Fanning is not recommended but weak hand thumb I can shoot 6 rounds about as quickly as 4 rounds out of an N frame. And I have seen SASS members shoot a single action so fast on target that it sounds like a semi.
Some comments were made on it only having 6 rounds. Again this is not a real issue since most personal confrontations have how many rounds fired? I’m not talking about gangster boys whacking off innocent people, real confrontations.
If you think using a “cowboy” guns will be difficult to explain in court, how difficult will it be to explain empting a 15 round semi.
So, you should not use a single action for SD, rubbish, IMO.
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