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* Should I sell my ruger 10/22? All advice and opinions are welcome : )

I purchased the basic ruger 10/22 in 2011.

I have never fired it and have come to realize that I want something different, maybe an ar or a pistol.

I never considered selling it because I hate taking a loss, but I thought that maybe with all of the recent gun and ammo shortages and gun hype etc, I may be able to sell it and break close to even?


It is in new condition, never fired, only taken apart to clean and lube for storage.
If sold, it will come with everything pictured, case, ammo, etc.

-has their value recently increased, or is it the same?

- If I were to sell it, whats the most I could expect to get for it and everything included?

-If I can't get close to what I paid, I should probably just keep it.

Thoughts, opinions?

Thank you!!

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