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It's what you are used too and can shoot well. I can count on one hand the number of times I ever shot a gun double action. All my shooting is with Single Actions, or shooting single action. To "forget" to cock a revolver is ... well... impossible in the heat of the moment.... It's ingrained in you.
Exactly! The experienced single action shooter isn't going to magically forget to cock the hammer any more than an experienced double action shooter is going to forget to pull the trigger.

Flickin a safety off is not in any way comparable.
But it absolutely is. It is something you must do before the weapon will fire. If a 1911 shooter is able to do enough shooting and build enough muscle memory that he automatically disengages the safety before squeezing the trigger, then it should be no problem for the single action shooter to do the same.

IMHO, I've had this discussion numerous times and the antagonists ALWAYS judge others by their own abilities......or inabilities. Never accepting that some folks are skilled enough to be comfortable doing what they are not. Usually offering nothing more than armchair rhetoric.
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