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I do like the idea of teaching students to look around through the course of shooting to make them habitual in checking there surroundings. Some are WAY to anal about it though. I see some doing the same move every time they shoot. I read about a police officer who was shot in a shootout with his revolver. After shooting his first six rounds he emptied the cases into his hand and looked at the ground to find the brass bucket. He finally realized there wasn't one and dropped them on the ground. He then stuck his hand in his pocket to find his reloads instead of on his belt since he normally kept them in his pocket when practicing. In another instance an officer reported all his fired cases were in his pocket. He normally put them there when shooting so he didn't have to pick them up so in a shoot out he took the time, habitually, to put them in his picket rather than let then fall on the ground. I guess I'm trying to say its good to try to teach students to avoid tunnel vision and to be aware but I wouldn't teach them a repetitive movement that will continue at an inopportune time. I wouldn't want a student shooting then stopping to look around habitually while the threat is still right in front of them. If you teach it, and they practice it, no matter how counter intuitive, they just might do it.
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