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i think i would pick one up just for a fun little project....that is if they figure out how to get a bent bolt and a scope on the bugger. they are taking pre-orders this friday....think ill wait on the 200$ stock until they have all the t's crossed. my project was going to be "the poor mans sniper rifle" then i started thinking about the cost. $100 for a mosin (but ill find one with a nasty stock and try to get a bargain), ill bend the bolt myself, 200$ for the stock, 25$ for a 10 round mag, 90$ for a Timney trigger, found a cool no drill no tap mount for 75$ that is on its way already, and ill put a 200$ 4X12 Nikon Prostaf on it probably. coming to a grand total of: $ much for the "poor man sniper rifle" but what the heck! ill have the ugliest Mosin ever!
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