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I was planing on cutting the door out on the smoker barrel, cutting a larger door out of a 2nd barrel I bought...then welding the two plates together to make it overlap the hole in the barrel and so it will be more rigid.
Great idea...also keep in mind about installing some wood stove door gasket around the door.

Does anyone paint the inside of their barrels with ceramic paint or grill coating?
Would highly recommend NOT painting the inside of the bbl. with anything.

What I would do is once I got the inside of the bbl down to the bare metal is coat the inside with lard or cooking oil, light some coals getting it as hot as possible and let it season for 4-5hrs. Also if there is going to be long periods of time between use's, you can put some cooking oil in a spray bottle and spray the inside down for storage. Then when you re-fire at next use, you will be re-seasoning. Same as a cast iron pan.

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