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Turkey, coyote, and elk. Elk aren't bad unless you're on a late hunt with now snow and dry weather. Then, they hunker down on the areas around here that are no-hunting zones. You're screwed. Turkey has to be tough, as I've never killed one . That's just a joke...I've only hunted them this last season, and actually, we got into them last year, but that has to be the toughest animal pound for pound in North America. An elk wouldn't take a hit like that and walk away unperturbed.

Coyotes have been the biggest challenge in the last 2 years. They seem to know when you got it "right" and change the game on you. The most fun I've had hunting is when I take my daughters out and whack some squirrels. I've hunted grouse, and they're tough to hit and all, but the worst thing about grouse is they always are more abundant when I'm quietly hunting elk. Concentrating on the woods ahead instead of the ground below leaves one unprepared for what will happen. They then proceed to burst from below my feet and then somehow poop my pants for me.
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