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Hey all, I'm new here so let me introduce myself.

There is so much to talk about these days. I've shot a few firearms in my day and thought about owning one many, many times however it wasn't until all this insanity as of late that I finally decided, better late then never, to exercise my 2nd amendment right and purchase a couple of guns.

The first purchase I made was about a month ago, a Winchester SXP pump 12 gauge. I had been wanting something for home defense/range/hunting so I stopped into my local Gander Mountain to see what they had to offer and I fell in love with this 12 gauge as soon as I put my grubby little hands on it. The weight was perfect, the balance was phenomenal, the size was spot on, the look was sleek and elegant, the fit and finish was nice and tight. Then I held in the ejection button and racked the pump. What can I say, it was like the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine when a Spitfire flies overhead at the airshow. "How much?" I asked the clerk. On sale $350 he said. "I'll take it!" The words couldn't leave my mouth quick enough. As I was walking away I heard another chap ask "Hey, you have any more of those pump shotties that guy just bought?" to the clerk.

Ok, shot piece, check. What next, semi-auto or bolt action? Well, bolt action don't seem to be on the endangered species list so semi-auto it is. Now, where to get one? Quick internet search., eh, looks kinda sketchy, FFL transfer, ah hassle,, eh, not as sketchy but still a hassle. Ok, Armslist, ah, not so bad, kinda like Craiglist for guns. Prices kind of high but what did I expect. Now, what can I get at a reasonable price? Used AK 47 of questionable quality, perhaps. 800 BUCKS? Ouch! Here's one for a grand, ugh. Ok, ok, SKS yeah, usually kind of old and well used but I remember they used to be like $250. $600 DOLLARS? OMG.

Online, Bass Pro Shops, Dick's Sporting goods, Gander Mountain. Hey Gander mountain has DPMS AR 15 MOE for $1100 bucks, not too sure about the brand, I'll wait a couple of hours to ask that gunsmith guy at work. "Yeah, DPMS is ok." He says. Ok, back online, SOLD OUT? Shucks.

Right, ok, we'll figure this out. Local gun shop, SKS $475, looks worn as heck and he's not budging on the price. AR-15 hanging up there, used, $1200 bucks, eh, think I'll pass. Hey, nice Sig 9mm in the case. How much? $500 bucks? "I'll take it." "OK" says the shop keep "I just need to see your CCL or pistol purchase permit first." *** I think to myself, then scoff "Don't you guys do the NICS thing and a 3 day waiting period?" "Not here in North Carolina, you have to go register with the police department then come back with a purchase permit." Arcane racial discrimination law still on the books me thinks.

Back to Armslist. Searching, searching, ah Zastava AK 74 pap. Good condition, cool paratrooper style stock, 400 rds of Bear 7.62 ammo, $800 bucks. Email: "Dear Sir, will you take $650?" Reply: "No but I'll take $675." Well, the ammo alone is worth a few bucks. Now, where was this, Ashville? Damn, that's like 2 1/2 hours away. Oh well, "yeah I'll come get it tomorrow."

Next day after work.....Driving, driving, driving. Look around, beautiful country out here, nice day too. Ok, I'm an hour out, 1 1/2 hours to go. Thinking to self, this is nuts, maybe I should just check out the Walmart out here. Punched into GPS, 5.41 miles, alright, no wait, on second though Gander Mountain. GPS, 6.75 miles, ok. Text message from AK guy "Are you still coming?" me "On second thought, no." AK guy "OK, well screw you then. " Anyways, focus, Gander Mountain. Driving, Driving... GPS "Arriving at destination, Gander Mountain, Mooresville." Where? Oh yeah, this is where all the Nascar teams are.

So anyways, never been to Mooresville but the shopping plaza out here is pretty nice, movie theater and everything. Hey, there's a Walmart right there! Ah, don't let yourself get distracted, we're here for Gander Mountain. Go in, look around and....HOLY -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- they have a lot of guns here, the clerk says "Yea, we're like a GM Gunworld." Gunworld? You've got to be kidding me. Oh well, "What do you have in a 223?" "Not much." he says. Ok, well lets see what else they have, Remington 700 adl, no scope, $500 bucks, I though these came with a scope? Used Remington 7400, semi-auto 5 rd mag, $325. Looks ok but kinda well broken in. What else, new M14, WOW, nice. How much, $1800 to $2000? My wife would kill me. "I'll be back!" On to Walmart.

Remington 700 adl this time with cheapo scope. $425 in black synth stock, $525 in camo synth stock. Very, very temping, won't break the bank either, but I could probably get one of those any time and I really wanted a semi-auto before Barack C-blocks me. "I'll be back, Imma get some launch."

Applebee's. Chicken wrap, couple of Bud Fights, do some research on my phone, still undecided and hate to waste a whole day.

Back to GM. Walking up to counter a bit disheartened. Talking with the clerk, I notice another clerk walk behind him and set 2 rifles down on the back wall stand. "Hey, what are those?" Mini 14 Tactical with ATI stock chambered in 223/5.56. "How much?" $800 bucks. "Sold! I'll take both!" "Sorry" he says "I can only sell you 1 semi-auto per day." Oh well.

And thus, I became the proud owner of a new and improved Mini 14 Tactical with ATI stock, later to find out of course that this is the only version of the Mini 14 on the proposed ban list. Lovely.

Great gun actually, been reading good things about the accuracy with the new barrel design and the reliability seem on par with a good AK. Have not shot it yet as ammo is a bit pricey and hard to come by.

Driving home from work early morning (3rd shift sucks) stop by Dick's Sporting goods for the heck of it so see if they have anything in stock and of course they don't. I'm 1 of the 3 customers in the store so I'm walking out the door and this guy is walking out beside me. He asks, "What kind of ammo you looking for?" "223" I say. "You know where I can get some 9mm?" He asks. "No sorry." I reply. "Oh, well he says, I know where you can get some 5.56 though, drive down the street 3 blocks, take a left on Edwardia, drive to the end and you'll see Southern Firearms. They have like 5 cases." "Thanks, man!" I drive over there ask about the 5.56. "Winchester white box 5.56 FMJ 55 grain $9.65 per box of 20. I can sell you 10 boxes." "I'll take 200 rounds please."

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