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Nobody complains about having to flick the safety off on a 1911 with their shooting hand thumb.
You can pretty well bet that people, many many people, would complain in spades if they had to flick that safety off every single shot. Flickin a safety off is not in any way comparable.

And to top that off, my statement wasn't a complaint. It was observation and a correct one at that. You go ahead and find me someone that can manipulate at SA as well as a DA one handed under stress. Don't act like disadvantages aren't there.

You are correct though, if that bothers someone that much then they probably should choose a different platform. Kinda why I brought it up don't ya think? As stated though it doesn't bother me that much, doesn't bother Bob enough either, or the many others that sometimes carry SA's to town.

between a SA Revolver and a SA Auto, they BOTH need the hammer "cocked" to make it go bang.
You're kiddin right?
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