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I re-qualified for my permit this year, using an "antique" a S&W #2 snubbie ( a spur trigger single action in 38 S&W )... & I actually got through the range qualifying faster & with better results than some of the others who were using "compact nines"

from a practical / safety point of view, you can't just pull the trigger ( in all the excitement ), you need to cock it 1st

IMO, if you are very familiar with the gun well, I'm sure it would serve you well, no matter weather single or double...

that said, I think double action is the only way to go for a true defensive handgun ( I'll refer to bear guns, which is where I've made that statement many times... I've read reports, that while being attacked by a bear, the victem had a gun, & couldn't make it fire... the pictures they showed, were of a Ruger Super Blackhawk... a single action... I'm suspecting, that in extreme stress, & perhaps pain, while the bear was crunching down on the victems leg, that they forgot to cock the gun... as the gun was found to work as designed after the attack )...

... while we'd all like to think that we would be cool as a cucumber, because we train all the time, if we actually had to shoot someone... several years ago now, I had the need to shoot an animal in self defense ( I was carrying a double action 357 at the time ) & didn't seem to have an issue at the point of shooting, but the stress had me shaking uncontrollably for a couple hours after... I'd like to think if I'd have had a single action, the results would be the same ( instinctive ) but I don't know for sure... since I do like singe actions better, I find I practice a lot more with them now than doubles, I'd hope my instincts would do me well in the future if needed ???
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