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They'll get slapped down on the storage thing (maybe not by a district court, but if it goes to SCOTUS for sure) but the ammo thing who knows.

In 2011, San Francisco adopted findings in support of its Ammunition
Ordinance. S.F. Police Code ยง 613.9.5. The findings state that enhanced-lethality ammunition is more likely to seriously wound or kill a person who is hit by it than conventional ammunition.

Ummm, this is a fact because we say it's a fact? Even if their findings are correct, that's rational basis.

And no sporting purpose? Heck, my components supplier had hollow-points on special, was the same price as my regular bullets, so I've been shooting USPSA for the last 4 months with hollow-points.
I can assure the gun prohibitionists of the Bay Area that they serve the sporting purpose just fine.

Also in the sporting purpose vein, hollow points are said to be slightly more accurate in certain situations due to beneficial aerodynamics caused by the hollow point. That would accentuate their desirability in the sporting world, if it weren't for their (normally) higher prices.

But all this is arguing rational basis crap. I don't care if we win the rational basis argument, the state has to prove it meets (at least) intermediate scrutiny.
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