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The only problem I can see with a SA revolver is the slow reload. They can be shot just as quickly as a DA. Just watch the CA Shooters.
I'll add another one to that........ shooting one handed. Lord I hope it never comes up but wouldn't look forward to having to fend off a BD with one hand and use the gun with the other. In that case all I want to do is pull a trigger. And pull, and pull and pull. No dickin with cockin every shot. IMO this is more of a deal than the reloads.

Neither would stop me from carrying SA if that's what I wanted. And I have before.

Sunaj, no disrespect intended but please don't reference what you think is best and use the word "fanning" in the same post. Kinda negates any relevance to what you are thinkin if you know what I mean.
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