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The prior responses are not entirely accurate... There are 100 times as many gunsmiths that specialize in slicking up $1200+ 1911's like Kimbers and such. That doesn't say anything about those guns quality. What it says is that there are people willing to pay to get better performance from that kind of gun and taking those guns to a higher level of performance. It is the same with R92's. A ton of people people buy them to use for Cowboy Action shooting because for $450 for the gun + $200 (including shipping) for a full action job the price is still better than almost any other Cowboy Action Lever Rifle that is already at competition level when brand new.
Big plus 1

Winchester 92's and 94's were never known for smoothness or tight feeling, they are commonly referred to as clunky. It's a very common complaint from Marlin fans. They definitely aren't on par with the Henry rimfires which are about as smooth a lever action there is out of the box. But both the 39 and the Henry in the OP's post are rimfires which changes things too. Never fear no other designer of centerfire lever actions has been able to match the size, weight and handling of the Winchester 92 design. You did good!
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