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If you think training will takeover then why not practice firing at targets behind you instead of just looking back.....
You obviously have very little training if you've never heard of the "El Presidente".

It's a standard training exercise in every basic combat handgun course I've ever seen.

It's a standard part of the IDPA Classifier (Stage 2 String 3).


El Presidente

One combat pistol drill is the El Presidente drill, developed by Jeff Cooper in the 1970s and published in the January/February 1979 issue of American Handgunner magazine. This is used as a benchmark to gauge a shooter's skills, as it tests the draw and reload, and requires good transitions and follow-through.

The shooter starts with six rounds in a holstered handgun, and a spare magazine or speedloader with another six rounds

The shooter begins facing directly away from the targets, often with hands clasped in front or over the head.

Upon the starting signal, the shooter turns and draws, fires two shots at each target, reloads, then fires two more shots at each target.

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