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I have a PT940 that is about 10 years old and I've put about 4000 rounds through it. Not a single FTF, jam, etc and I do not keep it as clean as I should. My Father just picked up a Millennium Pro 9mm and for a 3.25" barrel gun it was extremely accurate. The trigger was a little gritty and has a long travel(I assume that has something to do with the SA/DA) but has a short reset. After 3 or 4 shots to get the trigger down I was laying them in just as good as my M and P 9mm with a 4.25" barrel. I was definitely impressed and it has me looking at a Millennium Pro 40cal. Besides the G27, I can't think of any 40cals that are under 20 ounces, about 6" long and hold 9 or 10 rounds in the mag.

I think all gun manufacturers have their share of problems, but Taurus does seem to have more that many others. However, I think the much larger problem is their customer service. If they had better customer service and corrected their problems quickly and correctly the first time I think there would be far less complaints.

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