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I'm in CO, I just bought a used Mossberg 500a and I'm a little confused. The bill as it stands right now says "CAPABLE OF ACCEPTING, OR THAT CAN BE READILY CONVERTED TO ACCEPT, MORE THAN FIFTEEN ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION OR MORE THAN EIGHT SHOTGUN SHELLS.

As far as I can tell, the Mossberg 500a does not have commercially available options for extending the magazine beyond 8 rounds. Does that mean it can't "be readily converted"?

Again, if you have basic mechanical or machining skills, you could make a tube magazine hold 50 rounds(although it would be quite long), but the average Joe user isn't going to fabricate something like that.

Who knows what the "amendment" they will introduce on Monday says. My guess is it will exclude tube fed shotguns. The ones they really want to get rid of are the detachable magazine shotguns(Saiga, etc.).
It doesn't say what length shells, does it? Or that they actually have to feed reliably. Or that you have any shells.
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