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Aggravating day of shooting!

Finally was able to find some 9mm to overpay for just in time for an annual trip with friends where we do a bunch of shooting in the woods.
We set up small course runs so we could use less ammo. One particular course of fire only had 6 targets. 2 shooting cubes from about 5 yards, a mandatory reload and move to a station with 4 hanging bowling pins from about 15 yards away. I was only loading about 5 rounds in the first mag and 10 in the second mag. I shot my FNP-9 EMPTY SEVERAL TIMES while missing the stupid bowling pins !!! Admittedly the pistol is pretty new to me ( second time owner ), but I'm better than that. A couple misses here and there due to going too fast wouldn't have been so bad, but I purposely slowed myself way down and still would completely miss several shots in a row!
I was so angry that I just tried to convince myself that I was too tired or something. I picked up my Buckmark and ran the same course twice in a row with only 1 miss and shooting as fast as the sights lined up. That only made things worse.
Someone convince me not to immediately trade out of that FNP-9!!!! I have shot it and done just fine at the range, but I've never been so disgusted with a shooting performance as I was this weekend.
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