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Savage model 340

I bought this rifle in the mid 90's from an acquaintance of mine. He lost his head one night and, long story short, could not maintain firearms any more. At any rate, this sucker was a homely as these rifles come (acquaintance was too). I was in the military at the time and not really into bolt action rifles. It wasn't until about 3 years ago where I even bothered to take it out shooting. It did fairly well. It should be a given that I am not very attached to this rifle although I understand that they are fairly good. My problem is this and forgive me if my terminology is off; When I pull the bolt to the rear, inside the chamber there are some small burrs. I noticed this years ago since, although I had not shot it back then, I still rubbed oil on it from time to time and some of the cloth would snag on it. Cycling the bolt is still fairly easy but it feels no where near smooth like my Mauser. In fact, by comparison, it takes effort but no where near forced if that makes any bit of sense. I know that this is not a very fair comparison as I understand that Mauser's have a pretty decent action. I know that this rifle is not worth too much, although this one has a pretty low serial#. I also know that it is pretty tough for a doctor to diagnose a heart condition if he can't get his hands on you. Is something like this difficult and expensive to fix? Is it even worth it?
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