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lcr followup

that is too bad about your lcr 22lr being a lemon. im happy with mine, and find its trigger smoother than my sw 317 22lr, but a tad less accurate, which stands to reason since the sw has a longer barrel: 3" vs 1 7/8". i had a taurus 94 22lr and happily sold it, the trigger was virtually impossible to pull double action. now im looking hard at a lcr 22mag but everything that i read says the 22mag loses too much power coming out of a snubbie, such as the lcr. i already have a ruger single six combo in 22lr and 22mag, so i stockedpiled some ammo. i prefer not to buy yet more, albeit new defensive, 22mag ammo, so will probably defer buying the lcr 22mag, but i could be convinced otherwise.
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