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Im puzzled by turn down bolt, most I have seen are straight
and not sure what wood stock is, or how it should be finished ?
Hmm. The bent bolt handle is puzzling, but not the Weaver bases mounted on the receiver? The bolt handle was bent for scope clearance. Pretty crude workmanship, but pretty much standard procedure.
Barrel Markings front underneath ( BNP + Crown 7.62x51 20 Tons + Crest )
Barrel top behind rear sight ( 19? R 762, 10-58, wine glass symbol? 11?
Those are British proof marks. The OP is in England. No surprise.
The 7.62x51 round was not designed and adopted (which was for the U. S. M14 rifle) until about 1956 or so.
7.62X51 was originally designed in 1945, designated as T-47 in 1947 for use in the experimental T-25 and T-47 and T-48 rifles, which later evolved into the M-14 rifle. The M-14 was officially adopted in 1959. In 1952, Winchester commercialized the cartridge as the 308 Winchester. The barrel was stamped 10-58. No surprises there either.
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