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Please help

Ok so I live in Florida and I'm 18 when I was 14 years old I got a charge for possesion of marijuana I was tried in juvinile court and got probation that charge is now expunged when I was 16 I was charge with dischargeing an distructive device I was tried in a juvilnile court and was giving probation again and my records are now sealed and I was ajudicated a delinquent for both charges I was advised by my lawyer that I am not cosiderd a covicted felon and was never convicted of a felony I went to try and purchase my first shot gun on saterday and got a non approval and a non approval form which I sent to the fdle today can anyone tell me am I goin to be approved or denied or what? And also I can still vote I voted this past election with no problems I did forget to put my SSN on the 4473 form can someone help me figure this out and strightin these things out so I can uderstand why these things are happening
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