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Ruger MKIII Tandemkross bushing problem

I have Ruger MKIII target, and I ordered the Tandemkross mag disconnect / drop free bushing.
Install went easy with now issues (other than the standard MKIII takedown / assembly swearing) BUT:

Right now I have two mutually exclusive conditions. EITHER the magazine will snap in and seat properly, OR I can have the barrel/bolt carrier rearward enough that the mainspring pin will go up far enough for reassembly. If I set the bolt carrier / barrel far enough to the rear where the pin will go completely through the body and seat properly, the magazine will go in until there is about 1/2 in remaining and stick, not to seat and won't function.

I've had this thing apart / together a couple times before and never had this problem. I know it is a finiky firearm as far as assembly, but this is a new one and I can't figure it out. I'm not blaming the tandemkross bushing (as far as I can test so far the trigger is much nicer and the mag drop / safety disconnect is awesome) as it could be, and likely is, my fumblefingered fault.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!
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