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In similar manner, your new car was driven from the assembly line onto a storage lot, then onto a truck, then off the truck and onto the dealer's lot. It might have 1.4 miles (or .6, or whatever) on it when you go to look at it at the dealer's showroom. If it has 126.4, that is different.
Didn't work that way for me. I just bought a new pick-up from a dealer with 142 mi. The truck I wanted was located at another dealership in another city. The mileage added bringing the truck to my dealership wasn't counted for warranty purposes. When the paper work was filled out the warranty portion was just moved to that mileage for a start. My truck's warranty is BtoB to 35142.
I don't care what the mileage is, it's the warranty I want to be covered on.
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