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I had wanted a Colt LE6920 for a long while, but the price pretty much stayed at around $1200 ..... a bit much for a gun in a caliber I have no practical use for at the moment.

I did quite a bit of looking, both before I picked the LE6920, and while I stacked the money to get it ..... I knew I wanted a 1:7 twist (for using heavy bullets) ..... I knew I wanted a forward assist (I'm a veteran, and my M16's needed help going into battery when in crappy environments on occasion), I knew I wanted a chrome lined bore (crappy envirnments, again) ...... I wanted a mid length gas system (I understand short ones can be problematic) ....I wanted a good quality BCG, .... and I wanted all this from a manufacturer that had a good repuatation ....... I looked at CMMG, BCM, Del-Ton..... never stopped looking. And then I stumbled on PSA ..... they did not have what I wanted in stock at the time, but I bookmarked the things I wanted, checked back often and one fine day (while they were offering free shipping, no less!) they had what I wanted, I had the money, and I made the call.

Assembly was not terribly complicated. YouTube videos and tools I already have..... Now I have a gun that has pretty much everything the LE6920 has, except the prancing pony, for $500 less ...... It has worked thus far.

I read somewhere that you can have a product or service "Of Quality", "Inexpensively", "Conveniently", "In Volume" and "Now", ...... pick two, three if the seller is reputable, and you are dilignet. I find this generally to ring true.
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