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Well, I don't know if I should add more fuel to an already well stoked fire, but........

My opinion of a good revolver is its ability to put my bullets where I intend them to be, time and time again. And to handle a steady diet of my handloads.

Given this ability, nearly every handgun I've ever owned, with a few junkers I acquired over the years, has been capable of doing this. All else is frosting on the cake. Maybe so you prefer chocolate while someone else prefers coconut. To the one, chocolate is best, while to the other, coconut is best. And never will one convince the other.
Bob is Wright! Get it? Anyways, he makes a good point. We don't all have to like the same things, and really, we are better off to all be different. I was going to post all of the things that S&W originated in response to "S&W borrowed many of their ideas" because believe me, for each thing they borrowed, they were copied 10x. However, there is no point though in posting that, since most everyone knows how much S&W has contributed to pistols and revolvers, and two, it keeps the fire burning.

Lets bury the hatchet fellas, and shoot our S&W 357s alongside the Pythons in peace.
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