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I disagree.

I have never encountered anyone who considers a pistol that's new in the box from the manufacturer to be "fired," even though everyone knows that most manufacturers test fire their pistols.

As to previously owned, it is certainly not unheard of for people to own firearms for several years or more, never fire them, and then sell them. They are typically advertised as either N.I.B. (which I do not think is appropriate for a second-hand firearm) or L.N.I.B., unfired. What possible difference does it make if a gun is still in production? Isn't it more likely that a gun you CAN'T buy a new copy of would have been fired?

What you seem to be saying is that "most" prospective buyers would consider me to be a liar if I were to offer my L.N.I.B. and unfired (by me) Ruger Blackhawk for sale as "unfired." I certainly hope you are wrong about that.
No, no. I think you misunderstood his post. Here it is again below:

Never means never.
It can be considered new if it was never fired after it left the factory but if you aren't the original buyer most prospective buyers will consider it used if it is a gun still in production.
He is saying that if you don't fire it AFTER the factory, then its considered new, but even so, if you are not the original owner, it will be considered a used gun. I assumed that the "Never means never" of course meant after leaving the factory.

If the gun is only test fired by the factory, it is still "unfired" by the owner until he or she fires it. We don't know what kind of rounds the factory uses, and really, if gun X is tested by the factory, then the "never fired even by the factory" thing is out the door for every gun X, which means they're all the same, when brand new, so the term "unfired" referring to post factory firing makes much more sense. When its "unfired" after the factory, it is a modifiable trait, whereas test fired, for gun X, is not modifiable because the factory likely does it for each gun X.

I think a gun that is NIB and not test fired by the factory should be worth the same, and considered the same, as a gun that NIB but test fired by the factory. It only makes sense.
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