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Awesome, thanks for the input. Definitely cool to see examples. I have a problem I am sure most people have who collect firearms or like firearms projects, where I buy a rifle and immediately move on to the next rifle on my list before fully completing the one I have. Built a pretty generic AR with magpul accessories and no optics or attachments and kept telling myself "I need to set some money aside for some nice optics and a flashlight attachment, quad rail, etc." Then while looking for these things online I start to wander into the firearms sections on the websites I used to look for accessories and its suddenly "Oh, look at this shiny new 1911" and the money for accessories for the AR immediately goes to a new gun. Its a vicious cycle haha.

So, ramblings aside, I have wanted to have this ACR done for a while and have a matching pattern done on my Sig P220. I like the satisfaction of a DIY job, but I can't argue with you, when it comes to 2 firearms totaling almost 4 grand in cost, it is probably best to have it done professionally.
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