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I refuse to pay more than $15 for a 30rd. those who have paid $40+ for a pmag, i have to ask, why?
I paid $30 apiece just before Magpul announced their Colorado MSRP sales program. Why? Because it is looking pretty likely that in a few short months I won't be able to buy any magazine that can hold (or can be easily converted to hold) more than 15 rounds. I was willing to pay $30 each just to be sure I had some (in the unlikely event the gun grabbers got something more going on a national level, I didn't want to have to buy them at $60 each between now and the end of June, when CO's new magazine ban will likely take effect).

Of course, I really hope I can look back and chuckle at the $100 I wasted because our legislature didn't actually pass the magazine limit, but I'm not at all confident that's how it will go down...
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