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M-60 question

So I just read Presidio Press' book, Brothers, the story of two blacks who fought in Viet Nam. One was leg infantry and the other airborne.

Anyway, the infantryman got stuck with the M-60 and in a combined arms assault (infantry, cavalry and tanks) they expected high casualties. The NVA already took out one tank when they did their reconnaisance by fire. When the second assault came, he overwhelmed the NVA with his M-60. He didn't fire seven shot bursts but continual belt long bursts. He totally dominated them with accurate and sustained fire. Guys identified targets and he hosed it. When it was over, the NVA fled and he earned the DSC.

He commented that when the M-60 heated up as it did, it would rattle apart. Metal expansion saw pins work their way out. The tray cover would pop and the gun would seize up.

I think it's possible considering the way it was used, but can anybody confirm it?
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