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C'mon now, all he said was that "modesty wasn't his strong suit." You've got an outrageously thin skin if you take issue with what he said and how eloquently he put it.

To see his point from another direction perhaps, bring Jerry Miculek in to the conversation. Both men are incredibly skilled with a revolver. Both men can lay claim to titles and successes. Both men can draw crowds and make anyone do a complete head-jerk doubletake.

Of the two men, which is a nice guy? Does either have a reputation for being an approachable, friendly, good guy?

Jerry Miculek absolutely has that reputation.

As a showman, his "attitude" is probably a solid part of his show, of the whole presentation. No problem, the guy comes as he is and he backs it all up with skill.

But I'd rather pick up range brass, clean guns or tip back a beer around a camp fire with Jerry Miculek, personally.
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