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Computer Notification of Available Ammo, Components

I don't have to tell you how hard it is to find ammo or reloading components nowadays. I had heard of some sites that kept track of what was available online but I never paid much attention until recently. I needed some primers and couldn't find any at any of my usual online retailers.

I tried out It is a beta program still under construction but right now it keeps track of primers, ammo, and magazines at any of its 25-30 subscribing vendors - ranging from Midway to Wideners to Sinclair. I picked primers as my main search item and set the program to give my computer an audible alert whenever anything came available. The program told me what was available, what the price was, and who the vendor was. It also linked me directly to the item's page on the vendor's site.

Within 24 hours I was able to pick up badly needed primers from Natchez Supply and Midway - and at reasonable prices. In both cases, I ordered immediately after getting an alert, and in both cases the stores were sold out within five minutes. The only downside is that I typically would have combined orders to save hazmat fees, and I couldn't do that with these orders. I'm out $27.50 in extra hazmat fees but got 5K primers for less than 2K of those overpriced ones. There are a few dealers on the site that charge more than I am willing to pay, but others are still charging about what they did before all this started.

Gunbot covers ammo too in your specified caliber, but I think you can only keep track of one caliber at a time (if you go to Gunbot, you can check many calibers but have to choose just one when you let the program run in the background). Another site I checked out for ammo is It does about the same as Gunbot. If I had been near my computer, I could have nabbed a deal for 3200 rounds of .22lr ammo for 9 cents a round instead of the 20-40 cents of most offers.
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