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First off....I have some mako stuff, the grip panels for FF tubes are GREAT and inexpensive. Most of there ar-15 grips are well made and designed for the price as well.

That being said, the mako bi-pod looks like a disaster. looks like it takes cues from (in my opinion) the worst FVG/bipod made...the "grip-pod".

I've tried several, and the Harris is all I use now. I've had most of the models but have developed fondness of the BRM-S. I bought one, and soon after replaced one of my HBLMs with another. Both with micro pod locks. The height is perfect for me. Sitting at a shooting bench, prone....sitting with it on a log, pack or boulder. I've never handled/used that Mako bipod, but they don't even look to be in the same class as the Harris. The Harris is a little heavy, especially with the extra QD mount an pod-loc. The atlas bipod is much lower drag than the kinda bulky harris....but cost mucho mas denario ---

BRM-S on the Mod O

And the other one on the ML.

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