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I wasn't introduced to firearms until I decided to apply for a license. No one in my family is anti gun, but none of them owned guns either. In fact I am the reason my father owns guns and shoots today. Soon after I turned 21 I took the safety course and convinced my father to do so to. Got my carry license and have been hooked since. I live in an anti gun state so I have the opportunity to take alot of new shooters out to the range to shoot a gun for the first time.

Although I will add my toy box as a kid was full of replica wood and metal rifles that actually had the actions cycle and a bunch of metal replica cap guns. Needles to say everyone wanted to come over my house to play after school. Must have scared the hell out of the neighbors to see a 5 year old running around the streets of Boston with a replica pump action shotgun that actually cycled. Would never fly today.
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