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For a $2800 rifle I would send it off to be done professionally.

I want to get these people to do some camo work for me at some point. you might know of somewhere more local to you, but I was highly impressed with their work. Make a gun disappear in front of you sort of camo.


I saw a booth at a local gun shop where they had some of their work displayed. These people do some of the best duracoat camouflage work I have ever seen. They do everything from digital camo to your local underbrush. They keep photos of all the work to reference for future stuff. If you look through their gallery and see something you like you could say "I want it to look like that" and they would be able to replicate it.

If you gave them the image you posted and told them you wanted "underbrush" in those colors I think it would look great. Better than you can do yourself, and it will hold up better.
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