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Legal standard: Zero

Prudent standard: depends on what you do with firearms.
If you only use them for target practice at staffed range, following Cooper's Four Rules, knowing how your gun operates, how to maintain it, basic marksmanship, and how to fix malfunctions will probably cover it. If you intend to use one for self-defense, now you should know some tactics, target discrimination, how to avoid shooting neighbors in the background, how the law applies in your area, a bit about mental preparation, the effects of the ammunition/firearm set-up you have, etc. If you plan to carry, you need to know even more about the legal aspects, and should train on more advanced tactics. If you carry professionally, the standards go even further.
Basically, I don't think the deer hunter needs to be taking tactical pistol courses to be safe, and I don't think a person planning to carry should top out at a hunter's safety course!

Edit: Also most training should be done AFTER getting the firearm. Knowing basics with any firearm is good, but the advanced stuff should be done with your gear, IMO. I'm decent with my 1911, but if you hand me your Sig 226, I won't know where my limits of speed/accuracy with it are.
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