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Digging the LCR .22LR

When Ruger first introduced the LCR in .38 and .357 I was not impressed. I have since read good things about them but still would not really want one. However when they came out with it in .22 that was enough to peak my interest. I picked one up the other day and the more I shoot it the more I like it. Groups well and very close to point of aim. I am still not happy with the direction that Ruger has gone since the old man died and this gun is far from what I have come to expect from Ruger during my lifetime. I own more Rugers than any other brand of firearm and most of mine are dated fifteen years or so in the past. I like this gun and it will serve its purpose if it holds up. I only have about two hundred rounds thru it so we will see. I sure am glad that I came along at a time when Ruger was what it was when I started buying them, circa 1977.

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