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Seriously considering building SBR AK.

Hey guys I am really really thinking about getting a AK pistol and making it into a SBR my question is how is how do you like 7.62x39 out of such a short rifle and which pistol would make a good donor? I am a Russian/Bulgarian AK fan i see they make the milled SAM7K pistol but since this is gonna be a DIY project for more enjoyment what other AK pistols would you recommend? I feel it would be better to go with a pistol since shortening AKs can fool with the gas pressure and it won't have a tang to cut off.

Or should I get a pistol reciever and make it that way? a lot of that would be outside my abilities but then i could have a 5.45 too.

I was looking at the Draco and the polish (not us) made hellpup. the rest seem too meh. How are the barrels good bad? Chromelined? I just don't wanna spend the money for a stamp and parts and whatever if the base rifle isn't worth investing in.

Since the SAM7K costs more then my fullsized Arsenal.

I just think a rifle thats folded that is under 2' long would be fantastic.
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