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SCAR vs AR part II The .308s!

Originally Posted by The Long Shot View Post
What part of it is somewhat shocking to you?

I've never owned a LAR-8, but they are supposed to be quite accurate; the one I shot was. If you're going to get a 20" barrel I'd get one with a free floated heavy profile barrel. The LAR-8 is about all proprietary though. It uses imperial FAL magazines. It's receivers aren't interchangeable with AR-10, DPMS, or SR-25 type receivers. It uses a proprietary barrel nut. If you don't use the right mags you have feeding issues, but RRA makes their own polymer mags.

Now for the confusing part: DPMS pattern rifles use DPMS pattern receivers, SR-25 pattern barrel nuts, and SR-15 magazines; SR-25 pattern rifles use SR-25 pattern mags, SR-25 receivers, and SR-25 barrel nuts; Armalite rifles use all AR-10 pattern parts; RRA pattern .308s use RRA barrel nuts, RRA receivers, and imperial FAL magazines. Most .308 ARs use SR-25 pattern barrel nuts and magazines; but use DPMS pattern receivers. To add to the confusion some companies used to make a different pattern rifle than they do now.
I was shocked by the SCAR being less reliable in the conditions you put it through. As you know, there is a ton of hype for this rifles performance in extreme conditions. My dad owns a 5.56 version but rarely shoots it.

...Holy good info Batman. Thanks!

The LAR-8 that I'm looking for would cost me about $1800 with upgraded quad rail. Would you pay the extra $1000 for the POF .308? In other words, is it actually worth the decent sized difference in price? (I realize it's impingement versus piston) I have also been eyeing the predator version of the LaRue, but either that or the POF are going to take me a long time to save for.

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