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Hmmm. It strikes me that, perhaps, the intention here had to do with so-called "assault rifles", even of C&R AGE. Since I've not heard of ANY talk regarding restriction of non- semi auto weapons (such bolt actions)..... I think the statement is being misinterpreted.

In any case, all of this is nothing more than massive speculation - with NOTHING to back it up.

But oh, I forgot, the "secret agenda" of taking all guns trumps all, right ? Paranoia never sleeps......
People who rationalize what these guys meant to say as opposed to just taking it at face value (he didn't say some C&Rs, now did he?) are how gun rights keep getting eroded. The war right now is not on semi autos; Feinstein isn't trying to ban BAR hunting rifles. It's the "military style" guns that are being sought, and a WWI bolt action definitely fits into that niche. So why wouldn't it be on the chopping block?

Here's some more "paranoia;" if C&R licenses are rescinded, why wouldn't the ATF try to account for all the registered license holder's "dangerous" guns? Better keep that little bound book for all time, and hope that you never sold one of those guns in an untraceable private transfer, you gunrunner, you

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