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I grew up in a gun-free house, because my Mom had an intense dislike for them, having found her mother's body after she committed suicide with a pistol. I wasn't even allowed toy guns for a long time. My first gun, therefore, was made of Construx (like Legos but better) and of my own design. This is indicative of the fascination they always held for me. Still, my first real gun didn't come until I was in college... my younger brother talked me into going in a local gun shop, and I was tickled to find some interesting old rifles that were not expensive. Among them were Mausers, an m59/66 SKS, Mosins, and an SVT-40. I grabbed the neatest looking old rifle of the bunch that didn't cost a fortune... the SKS. I didn't know ANYTHING about it, and had to ask some pretty dumb questions. I walked out with a few boxes of Golden Tiger ammo, leaving behind a shop clerk who I'm sure though he would read about how I accidentally blew myself up a few days later. The milsurp world had opened to me, and being fanned by my love of history, that flame still hasn't gone out. While I have other sporting-style firearms now, I still have that (modified now) SKS, along with an M91/44 and K98k.

Better still, my interest spread to my family! My Dad has a safe of Mosins, a Persian Mauser, a K31, and a handful of modern rifles and pistols. It took a number of years, but my Mom even got in on it, purchasing a "Mare's Leg" in 22 LR this past fall! Guns have done nothing but good for me, I'm very glad my brother talked me into going in that gun shop.
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