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Because they are wild hogs, what kind of parasites do they carry. When any thing gets over populated parasites become prevailant.
Hogs actually carry very little if anything that isn't present in all the other wildlife being consumed by hunters and present in your family pets. There is all the concern about how hogs spread disease, which is as true as people spreading disease, deer, rabbits, squirrels, ducks, geese, bison, moose, elk, goats, cattle, etc.

That take and awful big cooler to keep it in or a lot of food shelves.
Yep. You know how many hogs and deer come into processors during deer season alone? The place where we do our hogs is large enough to drive a fork lift around inside to handle the volume, but mostly just hand trucks are used.

Problems are limited, as Art noted, because food shelters and such take proper care in the proper preparation of wild game so as to assume that parasites are dealt with appropriately. Parasites (of all types) are in the wild and domestic animal communities regardless of population size. We may consider the hog population to be "overpopulated" because they don't belong and they are doing damage, but they are not necessarily biologically overpopulated yet so as to be suffering from their numbers. They still have plenty of room for expansion. Keep in mind that hogs can live in groups of hundreds in the wild (Old World) without being "overpopulated" in the biological sense.
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