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"eliminate misguided restrictions that require federal agents to allow the importation of dangerous weapons simply because of their age."
The curious thing about his comment though is just exactl what dangerious weapons. Full-auto, true assault weapons are already highly restricted class III weapons even If they are also classified as curio and relic. So does that mean he wants the 10 round, fixed magazine SKS added to their assault weapon list. Maybe the Hakim, FN 1949, and MAS 49/56 added as well!
The moment the majority of gun owners believe "they only want this" and "they aren't after all our guns" is the moment we lose all. No paranoia, just attention to what is going on.
I agree that at this time there isn't much of a chance for most of their agenda to go anywhere. But that doesn't mean that they won't continue to try. That is why it is so important to stay aware, and keep involved. Keep letting our friends in State, and Federal legislature know where we stand, and what is expected; of them. Also, convince those who are not so friendly that their re-election may well depend on their actions on gun control.
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