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1st 10/22 build recommendations!

Originally Posted by TAKtical View Post„¢-p-1338.html

This would be a good start. The trigger and housing are optional, I dont like plastic parts so I bought these replacements. The hammer kit will give you an excellent trigger pull and I highly recommend that. Best $40 you could spend on a 10/22
Thanks for the links its way easier than searching! So you think I should go that route over sending it in?

I wouldn't mind doing DIY upgrades I'm very hands On. My dad gave me a grand master action and trigger upgrade kit that I installed which included:
-bell & Carlson extended mag release
-automatic bolt release
-reduced power hammer spring
-reduced power trigger spring
-reduced power sear spring
-"match" oversize trigger sear pin
-blue max bolt buffer (hardened core)
-"match" hammer-trigger shims
Kit is supposed to reduce trigger pull by 48% and clean up play in trigger.

I just figured with how cheap the kit was $40 on eBay from a few years back that was still new in package he didn't use, it would be best just to pull all that out and start over with brimstone or better parts or should I use that as a starting point?
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