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Rattlecan or Dipping for A-TACS Pattern

Hope this is the correct place to post this, just recently made an account on here after reading for a while.

I am hoping to move on to lever action 1890's Winchesters, but before I do I need to finish up some projects I have. Was curious if anyone has had any experience painting or dipping AR's or ACR's. I have one of the Bushmaster ACR Enhanced 5.56 rifles and I would love to throw a forest A-TACS pattern on it. I know Bushmaster makes them in an A-TACS pattern but I don't like it and would rather do it myself.

Anyways - any suggestions as to whether I should have it professionally dipped (costs around 300$-400$), buy a kit to dip it myself (about 200$) or just rattlecan the bastard with some leaf/chicken wire textures and such.

Here is an example of the pattern for reference (I wan to make it a bit more organic). It makes me extremely nervous to do it myself on a 2800$ rifle, but I'm tempted to.

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