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I think if you brought together all SWAT units from across the US, they wouldnt have trouble toppling a small country in Europe.
What about ANY country in Europe...?! Oh, especially if that country had to pay all those public safety pensions...

Local police are professionals doing a job according to the law, and they do a good job 99.99% of the time. They have to recruit from the human race, so sometimes things go wrong, but overall, the US law enforcement community is a model for other countries.

More importantly, the ACLU is NOT your friend. The name of the organization is just a smokescreen for what is a very left-wing group dedicated to a larger government (and, hence, more police, whatever they're armed with).

Finally, some of you guys watch too much TV: Stop picking on SWAT teams (most of them aren't even called that any more). These guys are dedicated professionals doing the best they can in a messy world.
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