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Originally Posted by Brit
Special units normally are deployed to dwellings/Hostage situations, that kind of threat, they are not patrolling the Streets and Highways, stopping speeders.

At the risk of starting a thread hijack about cable TV, I suggest that you- or anyone else interested in this issue- watch a few episodes of the reality show Dallas SWAT. Yes, the SWAT team is often deployed to dwellings, but the show gives one the impression that the team's primary focus is serving routine drug warrants rather than responding to hostage situations and suchlike.

However, the really disturbing thing to me is that a couple of episodes portray deployments to houses where a suspect is believed to be heavily armed. I believe that the current political push for universal background checks may be a Trojan horse for a national gun registry, and my concern is that a registry may result in some police departments routinely sending SWAT to serve any minor warrant at a home where there are more than 1-2 guns.
Dallas Swat is a TV show, period!

Sir Robert Peel's idea of Police, to keep the Peace? Has gone past that idea, to some extent, but the good Sir Robert, in his time, was not confronted with Terrorists, and Meth Labs.

These threats are, or could be, in any City or Town in the US of A. The average Police Officer, is not trained or equipped to deal with said threats.

In my mind we do need Swat Teams, where they are deployed, that is the big question. Terrorists, and Meth Labs! Case in point! Special training, weaponry, vehicles are needed.

Terrorists? Not so much, but Meth Labs are rampant throughout the USA. Unless you want a large hole in a street, where a house used to be, Special Weapons and Tactics teams SWAT, are required. With the updated training needed.
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