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I agree with Jimbob's statement about saying people need a certain level of training to own a firearm.

I think the bottom line is: would a weapon in the house prevent more trouble than it causes?

I don't recall which staff member has "Mind set, skill set, tool set that order" in his signature, but that makes sense to me.

If a person acts recklessly, then a gun is probably a bad idea. But if a person keeps and uses a gun safely; relies on preventative measures such as good door and window locks, alarms, motion lights, dogs, etc. before relying on a gun; and is aware of things such as safe shooting lanes to reduce/eliminate chances of harming innocent people, I don't think they should be discouraged from gun ownership just because they have not received in-depth training or fired thousands of practice rounds.

I recall a story from about a year ago of a young single mother in Oklahoma (I think) who lived in the boonies. Two men were breaking down her door with bad intentions. She called the police, but the door was going to give long before help arrived. A shot from a shotgun killed the first man through the doorway and the other fled. She hadn't received any special instruction or training. Who would say she shouldn't have had a gun in the house?

***my comments are made more with home defense in mind than carry weapons ...also it is only coincidence that this post came after Lost Sheep's. It's not meant as a retort in any way.

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