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I am very interested in how yours didn't stand up and what kinds of repairs were required.
My gun will begin to fail to lock up after about 500rds...have jumped through this hoop before and will not do it again. I will not sell it to someone else and I will not pay for shipping to have it fixed again.

As far as customer service is concerned...the newer the gun is, the better the service. I am not sure as to the quality of the seems as though it is no better than it was when new. This is just my experience. and it has been the same with a 970 my opinion they are substandard and I will not buy another. I hope that you have the service from yours that others have had with theirs...maybe it will be better than either of mine.

I really like the M44,not a Tracker, it is a great shooting gun...just not much quality there.
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