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Number 1B is a perfect example of an ammunition version of "People go were the roads go."

A few years ago "Single Ought" buckshot was discontinued by all the U.S. ammo manufacturers since most 00B has been reduced in diameter to virtually the nominal diameter of 0B. Road Closed.

Number One Buckshot was almost lost from the commercial ammo line-up about the same time. However, I suspect, demand in the Carolina's, Virginia and the along the Gulf Coast kept it alive. Just barely.

Federal has a "Tactical"15 pellet #1B load with Flite-Control wad for the LE market. Unfortunately, the new Federal round continued to use a reduced diameter "#1B", (.286" diameter and just 33 grains per pellet.)

You can drop in at the Box of Truth to check out the details:

After thinking about this, I cut open a round of Federal Flite-Control "Tactical" 8 pellet 00B. I figured Federal would probably use the same Flite-Control wad for #1B "Tac Load" as well. I already had a sample of #1B pulled from an older Federal Premium load. Yep, the pellets measured right at .286" and scaled in at a meager 33 grains just like the Box o' Truth guy said. My hunch on the Federal Flite-Control wad was also correct - 15 of the #1 Buck-Lite pellets fit perfectly in 3 pellet layers in the Flite-Control wad.

Over on the handloading bench, I had an 8 pound bottle of #1B from Bullet Weights Inc. - distributed to the handloading market by Ballistic Products. This high antimony, (6%) 1B runs a clean .300" (just like the label said) and just a bit over 40 grains per pellet. Low and behold that little Flite-Control wad held an even dozen, in 2 pellet layers, of those actual-nominal diameter #1B pellets. Those 12 pellets weighed virtually the same as 15 pellets of the reduced pellet diameter Buck-Lite version, (480 grains).

Taking this a bit further, I pulled the Flite-Control Wad used in Federals 3" 12 pellet reduced pellet diameter 00B load, (.323"/50 grains). The longer Flite-Control Wad held 18 pellets of the full diameter .30" Ballistic Products #1B, with a total payload weight of just under 1 3/4th ounces.

From my point of view, the greater pellet space utilization in the tight patterning Flite Control Wad, combined with the penetration of full diameter .30" / 40 grain high antimony pellets in a 1300 fps full power load, would make an exceptional, conventional pellet size, hunting and defense load..

These rounds, with high antimony full diameter #1B in a 12 pellet 2 3/4" round and an 18 pellet 3" round would combine the tight patterns of the Flite-Control wad with moderate payload weights (1.10 and 1.66 ounce), full size #1B pellets and full power velocities. A solid winning combination in the hunting and defensive buckshot market.

If you would like to see Federal make such a load, go to the Federal Ammunition website, find "contact us" and send them a message!

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